• Learn To Write a Better White Paper
    [March 19, 2015] Whether you’re seasoned at creating white papers, or getting started on your first one, it doesn’t hurt to step back and think about some of the basics of what you need to do to make a white paper work. With that, here are some basic tips that should not be overlooked.
  • Vendor Selection Best Practices, Predictive Marketing Explained, Content Marketing Integration, and Other New Papers on Raab Web site
    [October 1, 2014] I’ve just gotten around to posting a bunch of new white papers in the Resources section of the Raab Guide Web site. Ordinarily you would need to register to view these, but I spent the whole afternoon putting this together, so I want as many people as possible to see them.
  • Google Provides Steps On Making Your Site “Googlebot-Friendly”
    [August 21, 2014] Google has released a newguide on how to handle moving your site in a way that’s “Googlebot-friendly”.
  • White Paper Predicts The Future Of Wearable Electronics
    [January 30, 2014] For almost one year now, tech companies and clothing companies alike have been debuting their new smart watches or wristbands. These companies are betting on wrist-wear as the next big growth market in tech. At the same time, industry watchers and analysts are looking for smart watches to be the vanguard of a coming wearable […]
  • Owning Your Own Data
    [October 17, 2013] Before I dive into my X Change learnings, I wanted to highlight a new PPT-format Whitepaper that we’ve recently produced here at EY.
  • Social Media EDU – 5 must have social media white papers
    [September 6, 2013] I frequently get asked for tips and tricks by folks who want to know more about running and managing social media resources for their company. To stay informed I read articles, blogs, and white papers (sure Mashable is great, but there’s also loads of other fab resources out there). A couple of my favorite resources […]
  • Cloud Computing In Gaming
    [July 22, 2013] Cloud computing is a disruptive force in the business of gaming. Not only is it revolutionizing how gamers purchase and play games, but redefining how developers and publishers run their businesses.
  • White Papers Aren’t Just For the Big Boys
    [June 26, 2013] Why you shouldn’t call them White Papers Most people associate White Papers with large corporations that do all sorts of complex things.
  • Customer Data Platforms: My New Whitepaper Explains the Excitement
    [May 29, 2013] You may have noticed that I’ve been uncharacteristically aggressive in promoting the Customer Data Platform concept.
  • “CEO Check List” Put Out By Cerius
    [March 29, 2013] Cerius, this month, published a series of white papers aimed at CEOS, forcing them to ask themselves questions about their operations, finances, marketing and sales.
  • New Whitepaper: Business Value of Collaboraton
    [January 31, 2013] Chess Media Group is hard at work with some big and exciting things for 2013! One of the things we are going to be focusing on is providing more educational and strategic content around collaboration, the future of work, and the future workplace. Based on a lot of conversations we have been having this type […]
  • Choosing the Right Big Data Technology Stack for Digital Marketing
    [November 8, 2012] IBM and Semphonic just partnered on a new Whitepaper tackling one of the hottest and most challenging topics in digital analytics - choosing the right big data technology stack. I finished it a couple of weeks back and it's now gone into general release. In addition, I'm going to be doing a webinar about it with IBM's CTO of Big Data Solutions, Krishnan Parasuraman.
  • Whitepaper: 6 Models for Measuring the ROI of Social Media Marketing
    [October 18, 2012] Social media marketing and ROI have an interesting history with some famous sorts saying the proper answer should be, "What's the ROI of your mother, because she made you what you are today?"
  • White Paper Released on Risk Aggregation
    [October 2, 2012] Investor Analytics has released a new white paper detailing the benefits and practicalities of risk aggregation. The paper, called Adding It All Up: The Myths and Realities of Risk Aggregation along with the Risk Aggregation Survival Guide, debunks popular aggregation myths.
  • A Perfect Storm of White (paper)
    [August 17, 2012] [We're about a month out from X Change?so, friendly reminder, now is the time to register and get your Huddle selections in since it's first come first serve!]
  • Keep Your Audience In Mind When Writing a White Paper
    [July 20, 2012] When starting a white paper, it's vital that you realize who your audience is and how you need to converse with them in your white paper. Being an expert in a field is important, but what many people forget is knowing an audience and how they need to speak to them. This can be a trying task, as you could have all sorts of people downloading your white paper from various knowledge bases.
  • Whitepaper: Steps To Building A Successful Email Marketing Foundation
    [June 20, 2012] A new whitepaper was recently published which outlined steps for building a successful email marketing strategy. The report, Email Marketing 101, serves as an educational resource for those who are just getting their feet wet with email mail marketing. Topics explored in the report are:
  • Utilize New Technologies To Distribute Your White Paper
    [May 10, 2012] PDF's, for anyone who has constructed a white paper, you know that file extension by heart. It's the preferred method of constructing and distributing a white paper. There's good reason for this as just about anyone can open a PDF file on their computer of choice. However, as the number of devices people use increases so should be the way you construct and distribute your White Paper.
  • Getting Ahead Of Topics For White Paper Content
    [April 16, 2012] Can you imagine being the expert on Facebook, before anyone even knew the social media platform existed. How about being the first person to relay the information that devoting marketing time to MySpace was a bad idea? White Papers are a perfect way to establish yourself as the dominant source of information.
  • How End-User Experience Affects Your Bottom Line – New Whitepaper
    [March 23, 2012] A new whitepaper, by Compuware, has been released which explores the business impact of application performance and explains the correlation between the end-user and how that affects your organization's bottom line.
  • Case Studies And White Papers
    [February 3, 2012] Experts agree that both white papers and case studies, are the marketing tools; "the two most powerful, most convincing, and most cost-effective marketing materials that any company can produce," says Gordon Graham, That White Paper Guy.
  • Stop Wasting Your White Papers
    [January 16, 2012] The humble white paper is a great way to help people make decisions.white papers. If you're unsure what a white paper is, basically, it's a document that describes a problem and shows the reader how to resolve it:
  • Public Relations in Social Media
    [December 16, 2011] The role of Public Relations is to get a positive message out about a particular brand or company. In order to accomplish this goal, Public Relation personnel must go to where the people are in order to spread their message. Thus, as social media has become tightly integrated into society, PR agencies and department have had to utilize this new medium. DWPub has recently released a white paper discussing the newest frontier for Public Relations professionals.
  • Google+ White Paper Released
    [November 10, 2011] If you haven't heard, Google+ recently made its pages service available to businesses and other organizations, effectively pushing them within a hair of Facebook's functionality.
  • White Papers Still Have a Great Deal of Influence
    [October 18, 2011] A recent survey conducted by Eccolo Media found that, despite the level of consumption decreasing, white paper promotion is still an effective method for promoting your product and/or business.